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Founder  Anchor Street Consulting  Investor, General Management, Growth Architect

Jerald Welch , Principal

Jerald Welch


Anchor Street Consulting

Phone: (512) 775.7788



I love helping companies grow and see them flourish. Unlike other investors, I like to also invest time, energy and guidance. I'm a business troubleshooter and strategist used to conducting business and risk management in dynamic global environments.

I'm experienced in leading and building businesses. I analyze companies and help them identify and execute growth opportunities.

Specialties: Revenue Growth, Leadership, Strategic Consulting, Profit Maximization, Executive Counseling, Coaching and Mentoring. Negotiation, Diagnostic Review in Sales, Marketing, Operations. Evaluation of talent, hiring. Focus. SaaS. OODA Loop and Business Applications. Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR), Compensation Plans, Capital Raise.

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