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The success of our clients seeking investment hinges on a key conversation: A Profile of Needs. Each business is different, even in the same industry, and their owners often have varying needs and objectives. We work hard to ascertain those needs and objectives prior to investing in any business. The Stratavast Profile of Needs prevents either an investment that is too large or too small to maximize the benefit of that investment. Knowing exactly what is needed to achieve the business objectives is key to our mutual success.


Our vast network of investors and lenders provides access to capital where an investment of capital makes sense. But investment can also mean an investment of time, energy or expertise. While investment typically means an investment of financial capital, at Stratavast, we take a broader view.


You might think your business needs capital to grow. But perhaps the best way to achieve that growth is by partnering with an organization or individual that has the skills to implement an acquisition strategy that doesn’t require much capital.


Other investment strategies might be exchanging access to vendor relationships in return for access to a customer list. A real-life example from our international business experience was the exchange of an importer customer list in return for an exporter customer list where the services being sold by each company were complementary and where growth by each company benefited the other due to cross-ownership.

Another example of mutual investment comes from the film and television industry. A start-up needed affordable but Class A office space in Manhattan. An established post-production company had available space in the Daily News building but needed the start-up’s expertise and customer flow. By co-locating, cross-selling and investing, both entities got cost advantages and sales advantages plus growth.

Designing and developing unique investment strategies can be useful for organizations that want to grow and have assets and capabilities that can be leveraged.

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