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Acquisition | Partnership | Joint Venture | Investment

Working with Stratavast depends on the needs of each client. It can take the form of an investment, acquisition, advising or partnership; or a combination of these.

It might look like:

  • partial acquisition of a business.

  • a buy-out.

  • buying into a business as a partner with the intention of scaling and ultimately exiting.

  • advising and assisting a founder to develop an acquisition-for-growth strategy and then assisting to execute that strategy.

  • advising an entrepreneur on Profit First© and marketing strategies to increase value.

  • jointly planning and executing a roll-up strategy to maximize organization value at exit.

  • identifying internal leverage points to increase sales, reduce costs, streamline operations; all with the intent of increasing the value of the business.


Our objective is to align with your goals and vision, so you achieve a desired outcome.

You might work with one, two or all three of us depending on your needs. Collectively we have experience in management consulting, international business, start-ups, corporate sales, non-profit Boards of Directors, angel investing, scaling small and medium-sized businesses, family business management, digital and social media marketing. This wide range of functional experience provides our clients with broad and deep expertise to achieve their goals.

Teacher presenting investment strategy and benefits to become a successful business invest


The success of our clients seeking investment hinges on a key conversation:

Blue Print


Stratavast acquires all or a portion of businesses. Depending on the sellers’ objectives, that acquisition can have different structures and can be short-term or longer-term.

Business handshake


Stratavast partnerships emphasize the strength of shared responsibility and varied roles. Bringing in a partner to share the responsibility for growth can add needed expertise to the owner’s suite while providing more freedom for the existing owner.

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