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Our Focus

Releasing Equity to Grow, Scale or Exit

Releasing all, a minority or a majority of equity provides businesses and their owners with an effective tool to achieve organizational objectives. It is a way to leverage capital to acquire expertise that would otherwise be unaffordable.

Releasing equity can shift some of the responsibility for success to a new partner which can relieve pressure, share responsibility and create more life-work balance for a mature entrepreneur.

Alternately, releasing equity can be a stepping stone to a more profitable exit.

Often “releasing equity” is interpreted to mean selling shares in the company in return for cash. Stratavast uses a broader understanding of releasing equity or selling part of a company. It might be in return for expertise, systems, clients, vendors, a supply chain, access to intellectual property, or even interest in another entity. This is what we mean by a creative approach. Funding is one option, but funding won’t achieve the objectives of the organization still lacks the necessary expertise to execute.

Some areas of focus for Stratavast are:

  • Management Buyouts

  • Family Business

  • Global Businesses

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