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We Acquire, Partner, Invest

STRATAVAST are collaborative and creative investors who are experts at growing small and medium businesses.

Stratavast Capital serves entrepreneurs, business owners, and founders who are seeking growth, developing acquisition strategies, in need of bigger teams, or planning a fruitful exit. When your business needs a thoughtful and low-risk approach to manifest your vision then our collaboration and strategic investment make it a reality.

Two Men in Office

Industry Sectors We Focus On:

  • Automotive

  • Business Services

  • Manufacturing

  • Industrial

  • SaaS

  • Human Resources

  • International Trade

  • Insurance

  • Film & Video Production

  • Engineering

  • Real Estate

  • IT Services

  • Art & Antiques

  • Management Consulting

  • Recycling/Reusing/


Stratavast Capital Investment Strategies to Investors | Advisors | Growth Strategists

How can STRATAVAST help me?

I am interested in ....

  • Releasing Equity to Grow, Exit or Add Talent

  • Finding a Partner to Achieve the Vision

  • How Stratavast Can Help My Family Business

  • Taking My Business Global

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